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A 501 c (3) Non-profit, Educational Organization.

A nonprofit, educational organization supported by the membership of The Association For The Preservation Of U.S. Marine Corps History and donations. The Marine Corps Legacy Museum was founded to preserve the history of the U.S. Marines through the education of the citizens which the Corps has served since its inception in 1775.

About the MCLM

Officially opened on the first Marine Corps birthday in the new millennium, 10 November 2001, The Marine Corps Legacy Museum (MCLM) is the only private, historically comprehensive Marine Corps museum in the country. The museum is sponsored by the Association for the Preservation of U. S. Marine Corps History, Inc. a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit corporation chartered in Arkansas in 1998. The museum is the culmination of 10 years of planning and effort by the father and son founders, both retired Marines.

What We Do

The museum’s displays depict the history of the Corps from 1775 to the present with large, well lit cases displaying uniforms, weapons, equipment, personalities, and art ranging from the days of sail, to the exploration of space. Each display is interwoven with the American history of that period, giving the patron not only a view of the history of the Marine Corps, but also the policies and global events which required the deployment of America’s Marines. Missions as diverse as guarding America’s embassies overseas; guarding the US Mail here at home; conducting bloody assaults on Japanese held islands during WWII; conducting rescue and life saving operations around the world; and, spear-heading America’s global War on Terrorism. The MCLM shows the Marines and the equipment they used to accomplish these and other missions in over 200 years of service to the Nation. As a result of this long history of accomplishment by their Marines, Americans have come to believe that “Send in the Marines” means the situation will be taken care of.

Some of Our Activities

Current activities are not limited solely to museum operation. The museum staff conducts an educational outreach program presenting classes to students from grade school to college level. Some presentations are made in the museum, but many are presented on campus. During the course of making these presentations, it became appallingly apparent that most of today’s students have very little knowledge of their nation’s history. Therefore, the MCLM presentations now provide more information on the historical background of America in order to show the events that led to the varied missions of the Marine Corps.

Something to know:

We do not believe in revisionist history -- if a historical occurrence can be factually documented, that is how it should be portrayed. Therefore, all museum presentations strive for total accuracy. We feel that the Corps’ overall achievements, honestly portrayed, can stand any scrutiny without apology and that is the way the MCLM presents the history of the Marine Corps.

The MCLM seeks to demonstrate to visitors four major ideas:

  1. Reflect the Marines as an integral and important part of American history.
  2. Direct attention to Marine innovation and readiness to accomplish any mission directed by the American government in support of American foreign and domestic policy.
  3. Document the actions of the Marine Corps not only on the field of battle, but as a service which has and continues to be called upon to conduct a myriad of operations, world wide.
  4. Present visitors an "inside look" at the modern day life and operation, as well as the history of the Marines so that patrons may compare both and receive a better understanding of why America has needed and will continue to need a ready, capable Marine Corps.

ChestyThis shall be accomplished using a "Time Line" format which will document developments in American history, such as, presidents, technological advances, social changes and relationships with other countries. Each time in our history that the Marines have been called to support America, a display will depict Commandants, Manning, Uniforms, Equipment, Weapons and Tactics of the Corps of that period.

As the only facility in the USA which has taken this approach to displaying the history and evolution of two colonial battalions in 1775 into the largest Marine Corps in the world, we hope to provide a necessary service in a time when few of the political leadership, or the American people truly understand what the Corps is and the service it provides America in time of both peace and war.

The MCLM is dedicated to all men and women who proudly wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem and have served or are serving every day, all over the globe. We know what you do, and why you do it. Hopefully, now, so will America.

Semper Fidelis!!

The MCLM opened its doors on November 10th 2001, in Harrison Arkansas.

The majority of historical data and information provided by this website is maintained under the Gallery section, which is NOT just photographs.

Distinguished Marines Series is available from MCLM on November 10, 2005,
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